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We want to represent those who feel their voices are not being heard. To some degree these are the smaller, local groups. As we identify common issues, let’s make sure these are gathered together to make a bigger impact.

Image by Piotr Musioł

SCHA aims to represent the whole of Scotland and particular the regional parts of the community heritage sector. 

We aim to combat isolation by creating the right avenues so that people meet and exchange experiences in looking after heritage assets. 

We aim to reach out to to the most remote parts of Scotland and stove to make a positive impact for the community heritage sector. 

During the pandemic, SCHA advocated on behalf of the community heritage sector to ensure non-accredited museums were equally represented and eligable to receive the same support as accredited museums.


This opened up the avenue for non accredited museums to receive the support they needed as well as the opportunity to receive vital recovery funding to keep these community organisations afloat. 

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