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SCHA exists to address feelings of isolation, and to provide support where we can, if only by signposting. As a group we will have ways to help each other.

What Networking Does SCHA Do?

In 2019, SCHA conducted a Scotland wide roadshow as a way for the SCHA steering group to meet with and speak directly to a diverse range of individuals and groups from the community heritage sector, as well as bring people within the grassroots community together. 

From these meet ups, the aspirations were to identify needs within the sector, look further into regionality differences and encourage potential partnerships or opportunities for individuals and groups to work together. 

The board are now working towards re-introducing networking opportunities both in person and online to consult the community heritage sector on changing needs as we enter 'the new normal'.

Communication is key and we will continue to link heritage groups and community groups in order to discover issue-specific concerns. We will aspire to use our blogs and forums on our website as well as our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to make new connections with individuals, organisations and community groups. 

Wherever possible, we will also provide newsletters or crisis posts to keep others informed of support or networking opportunities.

The content is driven by our members - you. 

Image by Maxwell Andrews
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